Sunday, January 26, 2014

First Birthday

One year ago today, a Sunday - we were in Boston while Gabby was induced. The girls weren't born until just after midnight on Monday, but this weekend I have been reminiscing. The year feels like a lifetime ago - I feel as if I've lived a million years since then. That's good, I swear.

We spent much of Friday night up with M, who threw up 6 times in 2 hours, poor girl. She stopped vomiting over that but has definitely been off all weekend. Luckily N hasn't gotten anything - YET. Hopefully she won't, because their first birthday party is next Saturday! We're doing a rainbow theme - I'm so excited. I love themes.

I don't really have babies anymore. I'm going to miss that. I pray that I get to experience it again in my lifetime, but if not, I am more than satisfied with my babies. They'll always be my babies, right?


  1. Of course they'll always be your babies :) And a very happy birthday to them! Birthdays are so wonderful but also such a powerful time for you as a parent. They grow up so fast. I hope the party is awesome and they both feel well for it!

  2. Happy Birthday to your girls!! I can't believe a year has passed by so quickly. Enjoy :)