Friday, July 12, 2013

Almost Daycare Time!

Last day home alone with the babies!! I think a little picture of today is appropriate to post here! :)

Not the best quality photo (darn iPhone!) but I still love it. M is grabbing onto N who is smiling at me :) I'm going to hold it in my heart next week while they're away.

I don't go back to work myself for another 2.5 weeks but we had a huge mix up with daycare and this was the best we could do. I'm not sure if I ever wrote about it here. Last year while "pregnant" (seriously this was at about 8 weeks) I checked out a few daycares and decided upon one. Filled out and paid the application fee and everything. Of course I was nervous because I needed room for TWO babies, not just one!

Fast forward to early June and I still hadn't heard about them starting daycare in August, which is what I had wanted. I call to double check and they tell me I'm still on a waiting list. What waiting list? There hadn't been any when I originally signed up. Well apparently they had a lot of sibling births inbetween, which I COMPLETELY understand but what I didn't understand is why they didn't let me know? What is the purpose of the application fee if they just get to ignore me forever? So the 1 year I thought I had on everyone else disappeared and I was completely without a daycare when I went back to work. So I called around and just luckily found a daycare that could take the both of them but they had to start mid-July instead of August. I was just so lucky to get a place where they both could go (instead of having to drive to two different ones) so quickly.  We went and checked them out and they were fine so we put down our deposit. It's really close to L's job which is great but L's job will be moving in late fall so hopefully our first place will open up by then. Also the first place is a little cheaper than the new place, and I did like it better (they teach the babies sign language!) but this place will be fine for awhile.

In a way I am grateful I have a few weeks before I have to go back to work because A) I REALLY need to clean my house which has been severely neglected over the last 5+ months and B) I won't feel as guilty because I'll be at home and close by instead of at work and harder to leave if necessary. Of course I'm not grateful for having to pay for another few weeks :)