Sunday, September 29, 2013

8 months

8 months old! We started the new daycare September 1st. They are a little weird, but I absolutely love the care they are getting there, it's actually a lot better than the other place. It's very educational - they read books to them, they have a theme of the season (when we went to check out the place it was watermelon and now that it's fall, it is apples, where they do "activities" and read books about apples. They go outside twice a day, and I think they went outside about 3 times total in the 6 weeks at the other place.

Still this place is a lot more expensive, and just a hassle to get to, so I think we'll still switch to the other toddler daycare we loved when they are 18 months old - we'll save $100 a WEEK!

I am thinking their motor skills are a little delayed, as they're still not sitting up by themselves. I can sit them up and they'll stay up for a little while, but inevitably will do something that shakes their balance and they end up down again.

Still, N is rocking back and forth and starting to make a tiny bit of progress in crawling. M has just started doing the rocking back and forth (whereas N has been doing it for about a month) so she's behind N in that.

They are finally able (with a pillow) to sit in a restaurant high chair. They are so tiny that it's huge on them, hence why the pillow is needed but it's very cute :) We go on vacation for a week with friends next month so I'm excited to see how they do!

One year ago this weekend was our gender reveal party!

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  1. Glad you like the new place better, sorry it's more expensive though. V did the rocking thing before doing his version of crawling, which more resembled the worm than anything lol. He really didn't start sitting on his own until a lot until he started doing the rocking on his knees thing. He was around 8 months with the rocking and beginnings of crawling, so I think they're fine. Kids develop at their own pace, and many still don't even walk at a year (V didn't really until 13 months). They'll get there :) Can't believe they're 8 months now!