Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A New Spot

I've finally made a spot for a post-IF journey blog. I meant to do it ahead of time, but the last few weeks things got crazy all of a sudden. Still, I've always been a big journaler (I STILL keep a real diary, though I blog much more than I actually write nowadays) and I definitely want to chronicle the girls' lives, in a protected way. So even though the other blog is public, all baby posts will be password protected. Please email me if you'd like the URL and password, and if you are not a total stranger ;) I will give it to you. I've kept this blog pretty anonymous (although I'm sure with details I've given people who know me could figure it out) and the new place will be anything but!

I still will be posting here occasionally, but will save the baby posts for the other blog. I think feelings related to IF will be my reason for continuing to come back, because honestly, I don't see it going away.

However, while we were in the hospital, apparently we got a new application form for the adoption agency for this year (you're required to reregister every year - of course, with a new application FEE as well). It was so nice to be able to put it away for the year...I may (probably will) want more children, but for this year at least, I can wholly enjoy the fruits of our "labor."

I am so excited to see what this year will bring!!

duckii926 at gmail dot com

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