Sunday, February 17, 2013

Paranoia Forever

One of the girls has a stuffy nose and it sounds occasionally like she's snoring, and I'm nervous as heck something is going to happen, like she's going to stop breathing. I keep checking her rib cage area to see if she's breathing hard, putting up the cool-mist humidifier, and googling to see if there's anything I should be doing. No, it seems pretty standard, and yet all of a sudden, I'm totally paranoid. Over a stuffy nose. Good God.

So after all the paranoia of hoping my babies would make it home, it's still there, praying nothing happens. Ha, it never ends.  :)


  1. Oh yes... as soon as I think things are going smoothly, I get worried about something else! And I think it's totally normal to worry about your baby(ies)! Go with your gut and try not to worry at the same time... haha. We called our first pedi (who we trusted more) quite a few times that first month just to be sure things were ok and normal. They were SO kind, sweet and understanding about it, as yours will be too if you call them to ask if you should bring her in. :-)

  2. I hope she feels better! Your "paranoia" is completely normal! Try not to worry too much! (Easier said then done, I know).

  3. My daughter always had congestion when she was first born. The Dr said it's totally normal...just use a cool mist humidifier and saline nasal drops.

  4. It really doesn't end! V always sounded congested, since we brought him home. Our pedi recommended a humidifier, but he's done just fine. He's a snorer though, just like his dad lol. When he did get sick and had a runny nose it was really hard on us, I was paranoid over his well being, he had trouble sleeping, no one was sleeping really... but you get by :)

    I hope her congestion clears up soon!

  5. I am don't think that paranoia will ever go away completely. I fear when I finally get to bring a living baby home I will never sleep nor put the baby down. I think its just natural after everything you've been through just to get to the point you are at today. Hopefully everything will be fine with your little lady.

  6. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, I'm afraid it never gets any easier...wait until you're handing over your car keys or trying to pretend you're as excited as they are that they can now legally drink:(

    My "babies" are now 19, 21 and 23 but when they were little I had one of those little bulb syringe things and would just stick it up their nostrils. It's just that they can't blow their nose at that age so it backs up.

    I have so enjoyed following your journey to being a mom and am so thrilled for you! You're going to be amazing momma to your twins!!!