Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What a Day

So, after calling the nurse a gajillion times, I’m going to get bloodwork taken after work at the hospital.  She’s faxing the order for bloodwork. Of course, you know the last time they did that, they were unable to find the order – who thinks that will be the case tonight?  *raises hand*

I asked to get the thrombophilia panel done at the same time but she wants to discuss it with the doctor first…so not tonight.  Or tomorrow probably…maybe before I see the RE on Thursday?

I have to get up the nerve to ask for my medical files to bring to the RE on Thursday.  Ugh…not looking forward to that.

ETA: The hospital had the faxed order.  I exclaimed to the registrar, “I’m shocked you guys had it!”  She looked at me, dourly, and replied, “Me too.”  Ahh, nothing like a little agreement to inspire confidence.

I’m doubting I will get the Clomid, even if my HCG is at 0.  It’s just the feeling I’m getting from the nurse.  She seemed ok with it today, but I bet the doctor will veto it tomorrow.

3 more days to my RE appointment.

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