Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wait, You Mean It’s What I Told You It Was?

Got the call from the nurse while I was in a training this morning, my HCG was negative.  No really, you think?  You mean, the fact that I got my period – hardcore, btw- last Thursday means I’m not pregnant?  Wow, what a revelation.  Thanks for making me wait till CD6 for the Clomid.

Yes, I got the Clomid, despite the fact that they told me it gives me a higher risk of M/C this month.  First of all, I don’t believe it.  The fact that I haven’t been pregnant for the last 15 months did jack for me this month with my second M/C.  Second of all, it was a chemical pregnancy. It barely got off the ground :(

I had a normal length period this month (heavier than normal, but no wonder since my progesterone was 22.8), which makes me really feel as if my risk for M/C is the same as it always was.  Third, I’m not waiting anymore.  I’m hoping to O on my right side this month, which is my GOOD side.  Left was supposedly blocked (although of course, we got PG last month, so who knows?)

So Clomid it is, days 6-10.  Have to call tomorrow to schedule the U/S.  Then the RE on Thursday.  STILL no word on the genetic testing.

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