Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another CD1

AF came with a vengeance this morning.  All righty then.

I had my monthly breakdown with DH last night.  At least once a month he’s picking up my pieces.  Then he took me out for martinis and pad thai, which made things almost better.  Almost.

And today, I’m not falling apart (yet).  My IUI injectibles are on their way to me, to be picked up Friday.  I have my CD 3 b/w scheduled for Thursday, and my “permission slip” to give so I can start taking BCP Thursday night.

I did check with my new (not really liked) IVF nurse Jen. It turns out that we’re NOT waiting for me to get another period before starting my IUI injectible cycle.  Awe-freaking-some.  When I stop taking BC after my surgery, I can start doing injectibles and continue my cycle.  So I’m really happy about that and hope it works out.

I now have fears that I will respond so incredibly well to injectibles that I will have eleventy billion follicles and have to either convert to an IVF (for which I don’t have insurance) or have to sit out the cycle altogether.  My imagination runs incredibly wild.

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