Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things Looking Up?

So far, 2012 is going well! Well, except for slipping on black ice two days ago while walking the dog and losing her leash. But she came back when I called her, so that's a positive too!

When it rains it pours, and when good things are happening, the opposite is true as well, it seems. I had called my mom to tell her about the surrogate on Monday night and she asked about adoption and I told her there was nothing on that front and likely wouldn't be for who knows how long? She told me, "Hey you never know, it could be tomorrow for all you know," which I agreed with.

And then yesterday we got a call from the adoption agency for a profiling opportunity! Our first real one, since the other indirect one was never heard back from. It was so exciting.

A lot of adoption bloggers don't blog about their profiling opportunities because they come and go so fast and it gets depressing being rejected (not picked). But this is our first one, and even if we're not picked I feel ok with that. I feel hope for the first time in a LONG time that this is going to happen for us, someway, somehow, SOON.

This is for a baby boy due in May from a birthmom in her late 20s with two other boys already. Father is not in the picture at all. No alcohol, no drugs, all in all, pretty darn great! From the description of the mother (haven't seen a picture) she is my height, my color hair and my color eyes. Dad had blue eyes, but otherwise meets L's description. Not that that is really important to us, but I just thought it was amazing how it matched us so well!

The birthmom gave the agency a very detailed listing of medical conditions that run in the family, including down to the grandmother's cousin - which is great. That shows she really cares and wants the baby to know about his medical history. Another funny thing is that it mirrors L and my family's too! Even down to someone having a congenital heart defect!

The mother wants an open adoption, which is great because the baby will have two half-brothers. She actually wants a lot of contact which we told the agency we were unsure about and really depended on the relationship we could develop. But they told us all we needed to be was open to it, and we are. But since we don't know this lady at all, we aren't ready to make any promises at THIS moment in time. If we were to get to know her over the next few months, I'm sure we'd feel better about everything.

So we'll see. We had to make the decision to be profiled in about an hour, which was nervewracking, but we did and now we just wait and see!

In other news, we're meeting the surrogate and her family the last Sunday of January. By the end of all of this, we're going to have connections to a whole bunch of families, the way we're going!

Fingers crossed. I just know something has to work out. Irons in the fire...something will happen for us.


  1. This is extremely good news!!!

  2. Progress is good! Keeping fingers crossed for sure!

  3. Sounds like there is good news on a bunch of different fronts. That is fabulous. Hoping the path to parenthood is short and sweet from this moment forward.

    ICLW #66

  4. That sounds like quite a bit of good news! Fingers are thoroughly crossed - good luck!