Monday, February 6, 2012

Go go go

Our second installment is in the process of being sent and then the contracting process (the specifics of what will happen during IVF and subsequent pregnancy and birth) will begin and Gabby's info will be sent over to the clinic so she can start getting screened to begin a cycle!

Gabby is very trusting. She emailed me to say she had made an appointment to get her IUD taken out this week. We have no formal contract made yet! She also got a list of attorneys from our agency to pick one in order to do the contracting for her, but she says she doesn't care who it is and I can pick if I want. Of course I won't do that (conflict of interest) but again, it seems very trusting to me!

We finally began making some headway in the future "nursery" room this weekend. Basically cleared it out some more and finished puttying and sanding the walls. Hopefully next weekend we can prime.

Tomorrow I have a call with the director of reproductive medicine over at the Boston Hospital where my previous heart stuff and now surrogacy stuff will be taking place. She's the one that back in August we saw for a second opinion regarding our recurrent miscarriages, and the one who said, "If you can afford it, I would recommend surrogacy." Well, we can't afford it, but due to the generosity of my inlaws we're able to do this now, and I'm hoping that she can help save us money by working with my local RE up until retrieval/transfer time. See, my insurance covers IVF at an in network provider, but this Boston hospital is not in network. If I can at least do the baseline and monitoring there it will be cheaper than doing everything out of pocket in Boston. So fingers crossed! I also want to ask her about our failed IVF #3. I love the Boston hospital doctors. They are always willing to do phone consults with me, so I don't have to drive 3 hours one way for a 1 hour appt. They don't charge my insurance for it either. Very nice.

I called the adoption agency last week to ask about that profiling opportunity from 3-4 weeks ago now. They said that they haven't heard back from the birth mother but given that she wasn't due till May they weren't surprised. I guess it's good that we're not out of the running yet, right? I have to call them back today because we've decided to add an online profile (ugh another $99 every 3 months) because recently I've heard that many people at my agency have been "picked" from the profile and I want to give us the best chance possible.

This infertility/ adoption / surrogacy stuff is like a full time job. Sheesh.

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  1. Glad things are moving forward with the surrogacy! Very exciting, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you :) Hopefully they'll work with you on the monitoring.