Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh geez

Still waiting for the phone call with the Boston doc tomorrow. Did get a 1 sentence email from Gabby last night asking me if I would be talking with Boston doc this week and good luck!! (So I guess that's good, right?)

And I just checked my mail at work (I'm a lawyer) and I have a letter from the local law school asking me to participate in their annual National Family Law Moot Court Competition.

No biggie, right? Let me memorialize for all time the issue this year's student attorneys will be litigating:

"This year's problem concerns a young couple who have hired a surrogate mother to carry their genetic child. Early in the pregnancy the baby is diagnosed with a serious and debilitating disease. Feeling unprepared and inadequate to raise such a child, the intended parents exercise an option in the surrogacy contract and request that the surrogate mother terminate the pregnancy. The surrogate refuses to have the abortion and now wises to keep the unborn child. The intended parents seek a court order to enforce the termination and want to prevent the surrogate from keeping their genetic offspring."

Of course I would get this invite!!

P.S. Student attorneys, you can stop working on this problem right now. Surrogacy agreements are unenforceable under New York State law as a matter of public policy. Hence why WE are going to Massachussetts.

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