Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Presents

Thanks everyone for your exercise/tracking suggestions! I downloaded My Fitness Pal as suggested on my phone to keep track. I need to eat 1200 calories a day in order to lose 2lbs a week. Oh good Lord. I tracked everything I ate yesterday, which was a pretty typical day (except that I had stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a small hot chocolate which I don't normally do) and my calories came to 1485 for the day. So 285 over. But lets say I'm normally eating around 1500 calories a day. Seriously...1500 calories a day has led to me gaining 60lbs in the last 5 years???? I hate my body.

As for exercise...yeah, Jillian Michaels scares me :) I went shopping after work and was walking around so fast I was sweating - so I'll count that as something better than nothing (according to MyFitness Pal, that burned approx 245 calories, so only 40 over for the day). I will have to get my head right before attempting Jillian.

L and I sent Gabby and her family the Christmas presents on Saturday and they got them yesterday. I got the cutest text from her with a picture of the mug I sent her sitting in her keurig machine with a spoon in it:

Opened this tonight, I love love love it! Made my day! It is washed and ready for coffee in the morning. (Husband) also got a package but like the adult he is, he put the presents under the tree. He was kind not to mention the fact that I ripped open my package immediately, no thoughts about putting it under the tree! Haha. But glad I don't have to wait to open it, I love it! Thank you for thinking of us!

Not only that, she posted the pic to her FB and "came out" about being a surrogate there, finally! She did not tag me (thank goodness, as I haven't said publically on FB that we have a surrogate, only that we're expecting (though people who've FB messaged me I've told in private) .

But it was still so sweet. She wrote on FB:

LOVE my new mug, such an awesome gift from great parents, now hurry up February, these baby girls want to meet their rockin' parents! So happy and proud to be a part of this!

She got nice kudos from her friends, and their responses ranged from, "Wow!" to "You are so awesome!" etc. Which she is so that was really nice!

And then she sent me a 28 week bump pic :)

Oh yeah, any doubts that she looked "small for twins" last week are totally gone now! She looks great!


  1. That sounds great....glad things are going smoothly!!

  2. Sounds like you guys really do have a good relationship.

  3. That's pretty crazy about the calories :( I have to eat around 1500 (plus burn 1600-2000 cal a week exercising) to lose weight. I suppose I could work out less and eat less to do the same, but I have a hard time eating less than 1600cal a day! I hope you do see progress- stick with it and good luck!

    That's great that she liked the present and things are going well :) I chuckled about her husband putting his gift under the tree. That's some serious restraint! lol

  4. Oh I am so happy to hear that things seem to be better between you and Gabby and love that she posted on Facebook about you guys being rockin' parents to those baby girls.
    I could never eat only 1500 calories, let alone 1200. Yikes, I would starve. I eat all the time and have little self control. I would say I exercise just so I can eat more. I do have a pretty good metabolism though, thankfully.