Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happenings in the Ducky House

Another u/s this past week. I don't have the report yet, but Gabby said everything looked good, amniotic fluid, cervical length etc. The girls are measuring small, one in the 11th (!!) percentile, the other in the 19th percentile. Yeesh. But she says the doctor said he doesn't get worried unless it's the 5th percentile. That's good...I guess. I just hope it doesn't go down any further. Consider both L and I don't come from the tallest families (believe it or not, but after my brother and father, I am the tallest person in my family, over my grandfather and every other woman in my family. My aunts and grandmother are actually not even 5 feet tall.), I am trying to hope that's the reason. And, they're twins, right? Less room, smaller babies? I dunno. I'm going with that and trying to save a freakout for later on, if it gets worse. I'm worried about IUGR.

L is right now in the nursery, tearing up the carpet, pad, and nails in order to put in our laminate flooring in. So exciting! And a bit nervewracking, if we totally screw it up. He assured me ahead of time that he had experience helping his dad, but has made a few comments since then how impressed he is with himself that he's doing a good job. Ha, that doesn't exactly make me feel confident about his skills :)

I went ahead and bought a prenatal massage for Gabby for Christmas, and I bought a mug for her on Etsy that reads "Proud Surrogate...I make families. What's YOUR superpower?" I love it and can't wait to mail it.

We thought we should buy her family some presents too but didn't want to go too crazy - so we got her husband a bottle of Jack Daniel's, and a kid's board game for the three of them. We had planned to give them this when we saw them after Thanksgiving but that didn't work out and we're not sure when we'll see them again so we have to mail it all. Hope they like it!


  1. Those gifts all sound perfect! Did I miss an update on the GD test? Less than 90 days to go! Yay! :-)

  2. I was worried with my daughter about IUGR as well. Everyone u/s I went to she kept dropping into a lower and lower percentile. I was told the same as you, that they aren't too concerned about it until it gets closer to 5%. It's kind of all an estimation anyway because when my daughter was born she wasn't at all considered on the small side for her age. I guess I'd say try not to worry but that's easier said than done. And I think I'd assume with twins they'd be smaller anyways, but what do I know.

  3. That mug is awesome! I am sure they will love all the gifts!

  4. Hoping it's just because your family is on the smaller side! Hope that things look better with time, or at least there are no concerns.

    The gifts sound great :)

  5. Ultrasounds are so not accurate! And I really try to go with the docs on if they aren't worried, then I try to not worry (so much) either. Of course, I SUCK at actually sticking to that, but it does at least help to know they aren't concerned. I'm praying for those baby girls, and for you! And your gifts sound perfect!!

  6. Any u/s updates on the twins? I bet they're doing well :-)

    You'll have to post some pics when the nursery is done.

    What a nice gift for Gabby and her family.

  7. Laminate flooring is a pain the tukas to put in, but so beautiful when it's done! I'm getting excited for you :)