Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well, what do you know? I got a call back this morning from one of Dr. Mike’s PA’s who checked with him, and he said it was fine for me to take the estrogen.  Hurray! I took it last night and haven’t noticed any side effects just yet, but I was really nervous. I remember when Dr. G from Columbia used to tell me I shouldn’t even take BCP because it contained estrogen and now I can take direct supplements?  Another reason to be thankful for the surgery I had!

Still haven’t gotten a + OPK yet.  Maybe I should have ordered the trigger shot just in case… tomorrow I have another U/S if I don’t get a + OPK this afternoon and I’m so hoping my follicles are still bigger on the right. They started off bigger on the right last month but the left took over in the end.  Every time I feel a twinge on my right side, I silently cheer bc it’s growing and every time I feel it on my left I inwardly groan.

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