Friday, August 27, 2010

Follicle Check - Take 1

I finished taking the Femara last night.  7 days of that vs. 5 days of Clomid, I’m not a fan. Plus I had headaches every single day.  But, it’s over.

Went in for my first follicle check this morning at the RE.  Right side, one follicle, size 10mm.  Ok, I thought, that’s not bad. For CD 9, I’ll definitely take it. Problem is, I’m most likely going to O over next weekend while we’re away then. Grr…

Then, on my left side…size 18.  What?  The technician thinks it might be a cyst, which makes sense.  I had two big follicles last month and know I O’d from my right side, which means the left one never did, and probably turned into a cyst. The thing is, I had a U/S last Friday and it was mentioned I had a small cyst on my left, but nothing this size.

So I also had bloodwork done and they’ll call me later to tell me what the plan is.  I don’t think it’ll affect anything if it is a cyst, but man do I wish I had a real follicle that was already a size 18!

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