Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Go Time

I did OPKs all this weekend, and even this morning, even though I had a follicle check at 9am.  All negative.  Bah. So I went for my follicle check, hoping against hope that it wasn’t a fluke, that my 18 didn’t turn out to be a cyst after all, or that my follicle quit growing.

Nope, almost 24 today. I should be getting a surge any moment now.  They took blood again to see if it’s started, and if not, I’m to go ahead and give myself the trigger shot at 6:30pm tonight.  Or rather, DH will, as I cannot give myself needles.  I can take any needle you give me, just can’t do it myself.  Then, IUI is scheduled for Wednesday if it hasn’t started, or will be tomorrow I think, if it has.

I will “O” on CD 14, this means – textbook perfect.  I haven’t O’d on CD14 since the month after I went off BC, the month DH and I first got pregnant.

And it will be way in advance of this weekend.  Hurray!!

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