Friday, August 20, 2010


I’m sure it will come as no great shock to you to learn that AF came exactly as scheduled yesterday morning.

Starting my first cycle with the RE.  Hoping to do our first IUI this month.  The problem is that I should be Oing (if I O on a normal schedule, which I never know if I will) Labor Day weekend, which me and DH are going away for.  So for the first time ever, I am hoping that I O a few days later than “normal” because I want an IUI.

Saw the RE for my CD3 (even though it’s CD2) bloodwork and baseline work up today.  Taking Femara starting tonight through next Thursday, then have another doctor appt. next Friday.  Knowing my body, my follicles will still be teeny tiny at that point.

I was a mess earlier this week. I’m doing better now.  Tomorrow my brother gets married.  I’m planning to drink until I make myself sick.  Hmm…maybe not doing so much better.

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