Saturday, August 21, 2010

In the Running

Today I got crosshairs. Rarely have I ever been so excited for them.  They mean nothing in the long run, still a full two weeks before I know anything, but I’m excited.  Had a positive OPK on Sunday night (as stated previously) and still positive (but less so ) butt-crack of dawn on Monday, and my temp jumped Tuesday.  But then Wednesday it went another DEGREE higher still, so it appears I ovulated Tuesday instead of Monday like I originally thought. No matter, that actually gives us better timing.

So, the BBT is being put away. Time to jump on the progesterone again.  No more tracking, will try my very best to not think much about it, but of course in 2 weeks time I will be going nuts.  But I’m not testing before 16dpo.  August 19, the day before I leave for my brother’s wedding.  Wonderful that I may have AF just in time for it.  Fingers crossed.

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