Tuesday, August 31, 2010


No phone call yesterday, which means I guess I hadn’t started surging on my own.  DH picked up the Ovidrel that’s been sitting at my OB’s office for the last 4 months at lunch time yesterday, so at 6:30pm he brought it out.  He wanted me to do an OPK beforehand to see if my surge started, but I had just peed 2 hours before and I’ve decided to trust the RE this month completely in whatever they want to do. And they didn’t say to do another OPK before the shot.

So I vetoed that idea and he started to get the shot ready. Which means, he had to find some alcohol, tissues (we are woefully out of cotton balls and have been for some time) and take the cap off the needle. Ovidrel is pre-loaded, you don’t have to attach the needle yourself or draw up the liquid yourself – THANK GOD.  I don’t know if we could have handled it.  But I’m sure we will, when needed.

Stupid me, I asked him if he was scared about giving it. I mean, I don’t think I could ever give a needle to myself or anyone else if asked.  But DH has given injections to one of our cats before, so he had said he could do it.  Still a cat vs. human, he said he was a little scared.

Big mistake, DH, big mistake. When I ask if you’re scared, or worried about something that I’m clearly scared or worried about, say NO.  Lie to me if you must, I’m ok with that. Just pretend and tell me it will all be fine and it’s no big deal.

Of course, that made me even more nervous.  I started googling how to give yourself an injection on the Internet, and finally DH just told me to get on the bed and lie down.  I pulled down the top of my pants to give him uninterrupted access, and he swabbed an alcohol-infused tissue over my lower abdomen.  I grabbed his wrist as he went to give it, and honestly for one second, I really thought I couldn’t go through with it.

In the next second I scoffed to myself that I have taken many many injections (and more) and I was being ridiculous, but there’s something about a non-medically trained person giving you and injection that gives you pause.  I closed my eyes, I couldn’t look.  He grabbed hold of my belly fat (and trust me there’s plenty) and it was done.  Really simple, I was a total baby for even worrying about it, but oh well.

It didn’t burn going in, but for a few minutes after I got up and walked around I could feel the location of the needle prick burning.  Nothing else after that though.

And now we wait.  I’m a bit afraid I’m ovulating today, instead of tomorrow, but what are you going to do?  At least we have TI if it really is today (not that it’s been doing us much good in the past).
I can’t believe I’m already nearly in the 2ww. I feel like the time just flew from the last one.

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