Wednesday, September 1, 2010

IUI (#1??)

It’s done, IUI is complete. I’m back at work with some plastic bag-covered “sponge” stuck up my hooha and two tylenol in me.

It wasn’t so bad.  Worse for DH because he had to get up super early to get to the RE and do his thing into a plastic cup.  45 minutes later I was getting worried that he was having problems (because I think it would be hard for me to masturbate in a “public” place) when I checked my phone and saw he’d called 25 minutes earlier. Oh ok, not so hard for him then. LOL.

My IUI was at 11am and fairly straight forward. I was nervous about the catheter because it hurt so badly during my HSG and SHG.  I told Cayce (or Kayce, I can’t keep it straight) about it and luckily that was already in my chart so she knew.  She ran the speculum under hot water and I was thinking “Great, I won’t have this cold metal thing in me, it’ll be warm.” Well she started putting it in and I cried out, it was like burning metal searing my insides.  Not cool.  She took it out and ran cool water over it. Much better.

The catheter actually didn’t hurt when inserted, what a pleasant surprise.  Maybe since I’m ovulating and the cervix is more open, I’m guessing. It did hurt a bit when the semen was injected, but not much at all. Then she stuck the sponge thing up there and told me to lie and relax for 10 minutes, which I did.  That was it, I was back to work within the hour.

On my way back, my left ovary (or side) was cramping something FIERCE.  Maybe that was the actual ovulation? Who knows, but it was pretty darn painful, almost as bad as TOM.  But once I was back to work, it went away.

So…back into the 2ww I go. Haven’t seen a temperature rise yet but I’m hoping it comes tomorrow.  We shall see.  Countdown till Sept. 17th now.

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