Tuesday, September 28, 2010

IUI #2...

...is over.  Went even better than the first. No pain whatsoever.

K’s sample was huge, according to the nurse. LOL, he liked hearing that. 405 MILLION?!?! Last time is was 220M, which was still more than enough. All you need is 20M.

I go to see Dr. Mike tomorrow in Boston. First time in a year. I can’t believe it’s been about a year since my last cath! I’m not looking forward to it of course, I always thought that i’d be pregnant the next time I saw him.

I got the automated confirmation call last night and then the receptionist calls me at 9am to tell me they want to add a stress test onto all the other tests tomorrow.  Why all of a sudden?

And, I called them back to say no.  Stress tests are meant to max you out, and I don’t want to max myself out the day after an IUI.  I told the receptionist I couldn’t due to a medical procedure, and she wanted to know what kind. Bleh, so I told her and then asked if I could come back just for the stress test. she apparently thought I wanted to reschedule everything, so she said she was going to talk to PA (Disty, I presume) and get back to me.  Maybe if they’re insistent on the stress test, I will.  I don’t really think there’s anything wrong with me, it’s just a check up, and the only real reason I wanted to see Dr. Mike was to discuss whether I can do IVF if it’s needed. Like I had to double check about taking estrogen. I’d prefer to do it in person because it gives me more time, but if they want to reschedule I’ll just ask if he can call me.

Man, I saw Dr. Mike so much all last year I miss him! I would like to see him again, but I’m not doing a stress test. I don’t even know if it would really do anything, but when I’m not pregnant October 14th I don’t want to think it’s because of the stress test, you know?

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