Thursday, September 23, 2010

CD 5

I’m still in limbo over my RE appt. this morning, even though I’m expecting a call any minute and pretty much know what the answer is.

The same woman who did my U/S on Tuesday did it today. On Tuesday she told me I had a 23 mm and a 13 mm cyst.  Today she says that I have a 21 mm follicle on my right side (same side as the cyst on Tuesday).

It’s like last cycle, but even more screwed up.  Or something.  I said to her, “Um, you told me 2 days ago it was a cyst. ” She says, “Well it looks like a follicle, but I guess we need to do bloodwork to see for sure.”

Honestly, if a cyst and a follicle look that much alike, this is so NOT an exact science.

Plus, lady, think about it. I’m on CD FIVE.  Without any meds so far this month.  My period isn’t even totally gone yet, and you think I have a 21mm follicle? That would mean I’d be ovulating in about 2-3 days…CD8? Yea, let’s think about this.

To be totally fair, she didn’t remember the size of the cyst I had on Tuesday but I do.  If I’d had a 15 mm cyst on Tuesday and she told me 21mm today, I might be convinced it could be a follicle. But follicles don’t decrease in size.  Only cysts can.

So anyway, she said she thought it was a follicle anyway, so I go into another nurse to get B/W done. And she says, “Looks like you have 2 cysts on your right side. So no meds.”

At which point I say, “Ok, which do I have? A cyst or a follicle?  Because the other lady just got through telling me she thought it was a follicle. Which, I think she’s probably wrong, but why did she say it was a follicle and then right down on the sheet you’re reading from that it’s a cyst.”

So she was totally confused and said they’d look at the B/W and call me.  This was at 8:30am, and it’s 2:30pm and I’m still waiting.  Although I’m 98% certain it’s a cyst (or two).

So I don’t know what they’ll do. They didn’t mention BC again.  They said they’d probably just monitor me and wait for me to O on my own.  Could be another looong cycle then, sigh.

In other news, DH called Cayce today to ask about counselors who specialize in infertility for me.  So I stop breaking down on him :) No, totally just kidding.  I’m glad.  I hope I can find someone who takes my insurance or something.

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