Monday, September 27, 2010

CD 9

I went for more blood work and another U/S on CD 7, Saturday. I was seriously so scared of the answer.  The nurse who I saw that morning (before my results came back) also thought it was a cyst.  So I’d heard: CD 3 – cyst, CD 5- follicle, CD 7- cyst…and it was driving me nuts.

I didn’t get a call until late on Saturday.  It appears that I have completely thrown off these specialists, because the nurse told me that Dr. Horvath had looked at my chart – the head of the whole place.  My estrogen went up again, from 180 to 221, and they said I was having a dyssynchronous cycle (which is from what I can  tell, means “Out of Whack”). So glad they figured that out on their own!

So they told me to keep taking OPKs and call them if it became positive, or if I never ovulated and got AF, to call them to start again next cycle.

Wow, that was also so not very helpful.

Nonetheless, when I woke up the morning I had a positive OPK.

So I’m going to O on CD10. Craziness. I will have gotten to ovulate twice this month. Sometimes I don’t even ovulate once every two months!

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