Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh, It Gets Worse

I’ve been waiting for open enrollment, which I’ve been told is November, since January of this year, so I could switch plans to get on one that covers IVF.

I thought I needed open enrollment to switch.  I thought if I signed up in open enrollment, then my plan would start January 1st, and I could do IVF that cycle.

I spoke with my HR dept. on the phone a month ago to check if this was the case. They assured me it was.
It’s almost December and I’ve been waiting for open enrollment, but haven’t heard anything about it. So I emailed HR this morning and they told me that even with open enrollment, I need to wait 5 payperiods + 1 day to be eligible for coverage. Open enrollment is if you already have coverage but want to switch plans. Since I’m not on any state plan currently, I have to join and wait the “penalty time.”

But the thing is, I could have done that at any point this year. February, June, whenever. I could have been doing IVF THIS MONTH if I had done it earlier.

I could have signed up for coverage when I asked them, but they gave me wrong info which kept me waiting for open enrollment. So I just signed up today, but having to wait the penalty period means I can’t do IVF before 1/20/2011.

Why the fuck can nothing go right for me?????

I swear to God I can’t take much more of this.

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