Friday, May 20, 2011


I had a bunch of appointments this week and I think it's going to kill me to wait for the next one which is exactly 2 weeks from today.

On Weds. I met with the local MFM. Well, first I had an OB appt. with a resident (and no senior doctor, weird) that looked like she was 12 and had the bedside manner of a gnat. Seriously, she was terrible - and if she's starting out that way, I can't imagine how she'll be in 10 years. She insisted on doing a pap smear even though I told her I'd had one done in January, and then proceeded to be so rough I was bleeding bright red the rest of the day. Which I know can be expected, but is NOT appreciated during this time of my life. Then she proceeded to attempt to find the baby's HB via doppler which I thought was the dumbest thing ever as A) kinda early to find on a doppler vs. an ultrasound and B) way to freak out a woman who's had 4 miscarriages when you are not skilled enough to find the HB.

I told her I was looking to have someone locally follow me but I was planning to give birth in Boston. I don't trust anyone locally here to know what to do with me. (Obviously, I didn't tell her that). But that GIRL actually said to me, "I don't think we can do that. Nope."

I almost told her, "Ok then, I guess we're done here," because I WILL DRIVE TO BOSTON EVERY WEEK IF I HAVE TO. But I just asked her why on earth not and she told me because of the way they bill things, that it's just one bill at the end when you give birth.

WTF are you talking about? Maybe you need to live in the real world a little (or be older than 12) so you understand how medical billing works. You don't get ONE bill, you nitwit, you get billed for each and every "service" that is done. I nearly asked her how they were planning to bill me if I had a miscarriage, as then I wouldn't be giving birth with them, but I managed to hold it in. What an idiot!

Luckily, then we went in for the U/S which I should not have been nervous for as the previous one was 6 days before but of course I was because it's a WHOLE 6 days! The technician was fantastic though and found the HB right away. It was flickering so fast which made me relax and was 161bpm. Then she turned on the sound and we heard it and I just lost it. Started crying which in turn made the technician cry and the whole thing was just wonderful. Then met with the MFM and didn't do that much more. My NT scan is the next appointment.

That night we drove to Boston because we had an early and full next day of testing with the Boston MFM and cardiology. I met with cardiology first. Dr. Mike was in an important conference all day long so I met with his colleague instead, who is very capable and very nice. God, there is something about my doctors in Boston that put every other doctor I've ever had to shame. They are so competent and so easy to work with and try to work with you! They COMMUNICATE with each other so you don't have to repeat yourself 14 billion times. I love them. They did an echo which they said showed a little more leaking in my valves than at my previous appt. last September but said it was fine and to be expected, and they would keep an eye on it. Then they made me take a few laps around the floor with a pulse oximeter to check my O2. It dropped to 91% :( but they didn't say anything. I have the feeling I will end up on 02 before the end of pregnancy though. Hopefully it'll only be at the end.

Then we met with Dr. E and she was excited for us because it's taken so long to get to this part. It was so nice. Dr. Mike ended up calling my cell to find out where we were and coming to see us (during his lunch I think). I was so touched. He gave me hug and just stood there while we talked with the MFM. He's so funny.

Dr. E (to me): You look like a million bucks!
Dr. Mike: Why don't you tell me I look like a million bucks?
Dr. E: I saw you yesterday, Mike, and I told you then that you look like a million bucks!


I told them I am planning to give birth there and Dr. Mike and Dr. E discussed about me finding some long term housing the last few weeks if I need to be local (again, I will do whatever it takes). And I know they will help me figure it out if needed. When I had my second OHS, Dr. Mike's office found week-long housing for my parents to stay in the area. And I am an adult so I technically don't need my parents, but my husband was driving the 3 hours back and forth from work and really wanted someone nearby. Boston Children's/Brigham and Women's are truly fantastic hospitals.

Dr. E told me she won't let me go to my due date, which is 12/21. That 12/14 is the latest. Since I am at an increased risk of premature labor - I am just praying I get past 12/1.

I got another U/S out of it (yes, only 1 day after the previous) and the HB was up to 164. I know it doesn't mean anything but I love it. LOVE IT.

And now nothing for a few weeks. I don't know how I'm going to stay sane.


  1. Glad the ultrasounds went well and that sounds like a beautiful heart beat! I hope you won't need o2 at all, and if you do it won't be until the end. That twit you got in the beginning needs to get overherself. What a witch! I would refuse to see her in the future, and like you said, do whatever it takes to keep you and baby healthy-even if that means driving to Boston to do it. I'm so glad the rest of your team is amazing. I wish you all the best!

  2. Oh hearing that heartbeat must have been amazing!!!! You must be on cloud 9 right now!! I know what you mean about waiting...I have 2 weeks until my first scan and I am already going insane!!

  3. Yay for the HB and things looking good!

    BOO for that stupid doctor you saw! What on earth? She sounds ridiculous. Yikes.

  4. Sorry you had a scarry U/S moment. Glad to hear that your other doc has a sense of humor though.