Friday, January 14, 2011

The Countdown Is On

IVF consent review yesterday morning, followed by a long meeting with our IVF coordinator to go over the schedule.

1 week from yesterday, Lupron starts.  On 1/23, BCP stops (hurray, I canNOT wait to get off it, it makes me feel like crap), then a week later, stims, a week later retrieval, and a few days later than that transfer. Should be done with everything except the Great American Waiting Game by 2/14. I actually think it would be awesome if the transfer took place on Valentine’s Day.

Man, a whole month from today, I will just be entering the 2WW.  I’m so sick of this entire waiting process.
Jen went over how to do injections, which I think made DH feel better.  It’s the mixing of the meds in their little bottles that was worrying me, not the actual injections themselves. We also have a DVD for the finer points of it (getting out air bubbles, etc) so now I think we’ll be ok.

What worries me most is A) OHSS and B) huge bloating. My pants are pretty tight as they are. I actually went out and bought a couple more pairs 2 sizes up at TJ Maxx this week hoping it would help, and yet, they’re not THAT loose on me.  I’m probably wearing the wrong size regularly, sigh….

As for meds, I currently have sitting in my house:
  1. Leuprolide Acetate (generic for Lupron) with needles
  2. Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) with needles
  3. Crinone
  4. Doxycline Hyclate (for day of retrieval I think)
  5. Medrol (steroid, not sure for what)
  6. Phernegan (anti-nausea medication)
  7. Bravelle (stimulating drugs) with needles.
Are we ready for some fun?

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