Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Okay, Ready to Deal

I gave myself till after New Year’s to chill about the upcoming cycle.  On BCP for nearly 3 weeks now, there was nothing to do. No temping, no drugs, no injections – so STOP THINKING ABOUT IT.

But of course, best laid plans of mice and men.  Not quite so easy.

It’s past New Years’ now of course. I tried to convince myself to hold out till next week, which will still be a full week before we start, but alas, of course not. So today, I’m making phone calls.

The first to my fertility pharmacy.  I love how there’s a special pharmacy just for this stuff. Just one more thing to make you feel like a freak, but then on the other hand, there’s no…”Can you spell Letrazole out for me?” either.

They’d called me last week to set up shipment for my IVF drugs.  I figured it’s really important I at least have that set up – ’cause not having them could make things disastrous.

Of course, why do they have to list every single drug the RE has called in for me?  It’s just utterly overwhelming and not helpful at all.  Especially because at this point, I have no idea what they are and only a vague understanding of what they do.  I might be an expert at it all before I’m done, but I’m not now, and I’m really hoping I never will be.

So she lists  at least 60 million drugs, all with multiple refills. Some have 3, some have 5, and I’m just sitting there shaking my head going, “Why?”

I’m not sure I have the refrigerator space for all of this.  I still have injectible IUI meds from last month that weren’t used.

Anyway, I’m due to get them next Tuesday, a full week before I should need them. That should satiate my appetite for making sure I have everything in order.

I did ask them to find out what my insurance will cover for all of that though. I’m nervous because I’m switching insurances on 1/20, and the one I currently have doesn’t cover IVF. So why would it cover IVF meds? But I’m hoping that the drugs might have dual purposes that gets them covered under something else. Otherwise, this will be an expensive meds month.

I have a call into the insurance gal at my RE’s office as well to make sure I do everything right so we can hit GO on 1/20.  I have my doubts it will go so smoothly, but I’m going to do my best.

And I am trying to keep myself from calling up my IVF coordinator  to find out Right.Now. what my calendar will look like for the  next month, because I’m thinking I want to schedule a vacation for right after if things don’t work.

Always the planner for worst possible outcome, me.