Sunday, January 30, 2011

Suppression Check

Well, I am well and truly suppressed, I guess.  Nothing going on at my baseline appointment on Saturday morning.  Of course, after 5 weeks on BCP and over a week on Lupron, I would have been surprised if there was.

I started spotting on Thursday and lo and behold had just about full on AF by yesterday. I was really surprised, I hadn't expected it at all.  I think it's because when I'd been on BCP previously and gone off it, it took a full month before AF came.

So, L and I started the Bravelle injections yesterday.  NOT a fan.  I suppose, who is? It burned....buuurrrned.  For a good 10 minutes afterwards as well.  I'm going to do the Lupron shot first so that after I'm burning I don't have yet another shot to go.  I really hope the next week or so goes by fast because I'm not going to enjoy it.

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