Friday, January 28, 2011

Last of the 10 Units

I work in an office of primarily men. All are over 45 and all have multiple children, except one. That one told us a week ago that his wife would be giving birth in a week and he’d probably be out for a couple weeks. The GC knew about this but it was the first the rest of us had heard about it.  Guess he’s very private about it.  Too bad women don’t have the same opportunity.

Anyway, his wife gave birth yesterday. Everyone in the office is so excited – it’s the first baby born in this office, as everyone else has adult or nearly-adult children.  I’m very happy for him, and not so jealous for some reason – it may have to do with the fact that he’s over 45 and it’s his first child (although I have no idea how old his wife is, and for all I know, she could be younger than me).  But the carrying on in this office is definitely making me jealous.  They’re calling it “our office’s baby” – which is SO STUPID, considering he didn’t even tell us till last week. He doesn't want it to be THEIRS (ours).

It’s just a little taste of what will happen if and when my coworker/office roomate (the only other one of baby-making age) in this office gets pregnant again quickly. I will have to listen about it from everyone.

And I can’t deny I want that to be me the fuss is made about.

I have my baseline appt. tomorrow morning.  I am really excited today for some reason about it. I hope everything goes well.  Today is my last injection of Lupron at 10 units. Tomorrow, provided my appt. goes well, I will add the second injection, the stims, starting tomorrow until egg retrieval.

I will still be taking the Lupron, but only 5 units from now on (until they tell me otherwise).  Now I need my ovaries to work and produce lots of good-quality eggs!

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