Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 14 of Stims

Well, I'm still here. And I'm still stimming. Tonight will be 14 days of it.

Saturday's U/S and E2 showed some growth. I went from 901 to 1255 and my follicles gained about a millimeter (12-15mm). Not very much, but considering that before that I had only gone up 137 (from 764 to 901) in THREE days I was thrilled.

So what does my doctor tell me to do? After me asking at the beginning of this cycle whether Lupron suppressed me too much last go-around (see here) and me asking throughout THIS cycle (on stim day 5, 7 and 10) why he wasn't upping my meds) all of a sudden I'm to raise the dosage from 3 vials to 4.5 vials (remember I was on 2 vials unexplicably early on in this cycle) AND stop taking lupron.

It's like all or nothing with this guy - 0 to 60. Did he just check back into this cycle?

I haven't gotten today's E2 yet, but my follicles now range from 15-20mm. Hurray!! Yes, I guess lupron WAS oversuppressing me! Thanks, RE, for figuring it out about 7 days after I did. Those degrees are really helping you, huh?

In my learned opinion (which doesn't mean much since I have no medical degree to my name, but thus far I seem to have done a better job than my RE), I don't think I will be triggering tonight UNLESS my LH has begun to rise - which I don't think it will have. On my own I don't O until around 24-25 mm and last month I triggered when I had 23 and 21 mm follicles. I'm guessing that will be tomorrow night, to give the smaller follicles (I have a bunch of 15s) a chance to get to 17 before I trigger (and therefore mature before ER, which will be 2 days after that).

Taking bets on my E2. With the growth I've had...I want to say 2000. But thus far, I've been wrong on E2 every step of the way.


  1. I'm sorry your RE still sounds like he doesn't get it. I hope this cycle works out and you don't have to see a new one. Can't wait to hear what your e2 levels are, I hope they are good!

  2. Sorry your RE is so out of it. Geesh! But HOORAY for progress :)

  3. Hopefully your RE is back on his game now that it's almost time to go...geesh.

    Hoping this all goes well for you.