Saturday, March 19, 2011

First Scan

Had my first "real" (i.e. non-baseline) scan of the cycle today. I honestly don't know what to think. Because of my slow response last cycle, the RE had me on 3.5 vials of Bravelle this time for the first two days, then 3 vials of it for the following two days. Today is day 5 and my E2 was 443. Much better than the 260 it was at this time last month I think, but I've been told this is too high and they CUT my dosage to 2 vials for tonight and tomorrow (I go back for another scan on Monday).

I can't really find anywhere on Google that 443 is too high. I asked on Fertility Friend and the one response I got said she had 890 on day 5 and the doctors didn't change a thing.

I honestly contemplated taking 2.5 vials tonight instead, but after discussing it with L, stayed with what the doctor said. I fully believe that when you don't trust your doctor, it's time to find another doctor. I honestly am not trusting my RE after last month, but he is an expert, unlike me (although I like to think of myself as one by now). So if I turn out to be right and this cycle is another bust (i.e. E2 flatlines or decreases early) I'm done with them and I'll be going to another RE (after some time away from this).

I just get the feeling he didn't review my notes from last cycle when making the decision to lower my dosage today. I might be wrong, he might be right, but I just get the feeling. I keep hoping that the "boost" I got in the beginning was enough to get me going well for the whole cycle, but I'm very concerned. I don't want this to be all for nothing.

However, I keep telling myself it won't be. I didn't have alot of eggs last cycle, only 5 that fertilized in the end BUT I did have a chemical - and two things against me despite that - not enough progesterone (I'm almost sure of it) AND no heparin. This time I'll have both, so even if I end up in the same egg situation, I hopefully have a better shot.

Because L and I finally got to talk to the MFM from Boston on Friday and she agrees I probably have APS. I have to get a second blood test to confirm, but given the high positive the first time and my three losses now, she's almost certain. Therefore, she's sending me a script for lovenox 40 mg. to take after transfer, though she agrees it's not data driven - but I'm glad she's ok with it.

So, Monday...will be day 7 of stims...we'll see.

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  1. I'm sorry about the uncertainty you are feeling. I'm sure any woman would feel the same in your situation. I am hoping for the best for you and that the lovenox and heparin will help=) Keeping you in my thoughts!