Monday, March 28, 2011

I Don't Even Know What to Say

My RE is dumbfounded. He's never seen anything like this before. He doesn't know what I should do.

My E2 was 349.

Yet my follicles grew so much from Saturday, according to him. He would have expected they would have shrunk given that E2 level. But they didn't.

He double checked the bloodwork, but it was correct. He double checked Saturday's bloodwork, and it was correct. How could it fall SO MUCH and yet my follicles still grow?

So I could either trigger tonight and see what they come up with at ER or not trigger at all and hope I O on my own (not likely according to them). Triggering with TI may not be a good idea since I have a lot of mature follicles.

I hate him. I'm done with them. They completely screwed me over this cycle. Listen, I didn't expect this cycle would necessarily work, but I expected to BE IN THE GAME. This was my second one - they should have known how I would react based on last cycle and they ignored it every step of the way, IMO.

I have insurance, so it won't really hurt me at this point (except I have to take a day off for ER) but still. I trusted them, and look where it got me.

What is wrong with me? IVF was supposed to make my body work. Now it confuses even an infertility specialist?

I can't deal with this anymore. Where is my goddamn break?

And today is my husband's birthday.


  1. Don't know what to say, but I'll cuss the idiot out for you if you like...what's his number?

  2. I am so sorry, what an idiot of an RE. I agree with PP, what is his number and we can all call and give him a good lashing?!? Thank goodness your insurance is covering it, otherwise I think if it were me I'd be throwing an all out fit in his office and demanding a refund. I hope you and your DH do something nice to celebrate his birthday.

  3. WTH?! I'm so glad your insurance is covering things, but geesh! What is up with them not upping your dose or listening to you. You should give them an earful before you leave, wow!

    Try to enjoy your husband's birthday anyway (*hugs*) Do something really fun, get a nice distraction if you can. You deserve it.

  4. That is so confusing! - and odd. I'm so sorry.

    Happy Birthday to the Hubs!

  5. I am so sorry you are going through this. I don't know what to say either except that I am thinking of you.

  6. W

    Definitely time for a new Dr. Maybe you should request at least a partial refund or some discount for his jack-assery?

    I hope your hubby has at least a semi-enjoyable Bday in light of this news!

  7. GRRRRR!!! I am so mad at your doctor too!! This isn't fair at all and he should know what the hell he is doing!!!! We go to them because they are the so called experts...not for them to say 'oh I'm not sure what's going on'.

    Feeling your frustration and sadness from afar. I hope that despite this you were able to enjoy hubby's birthday. xx

  8. just catching up the blogs i read after being on vacation. holy crap and wtf! this is so frustrating. i don't understand it either. and i think your RE is a dumbass! i'm so sorry that you are having to deal with this right now. i wish we all got the break we deserve. hugs.