Monday, November 7, 2011

Back in the saddle

Well then...

Today's CD4. Yup, got AF on Friday. That cycle was just a mess then. I have no idea when or if I O'd, but the cycle was 39 days long. I tend to have longer cycles (usually 31-34 days) so I have no clue what the hell THAT was about.

So I'm onto a new cycle, and just saw my new RE this morning. Fingers crossed this goes better than the old one. So far, what I love most about them is that every little thing goes into a patient portal that I can pull up any time I want! No more me asking the nurses for exact numbers and them looking at me like I'm so annoying because I don't take "it's appropriate" for an answer. I mean, I can even see how big my ovaries measured this morning! Very cool.

This is going to be a super quick cycle, which I'm also very excited about (unless it ends up ruining Thanksgiving, which it may well do). I'm not on lupron this time. I asked for a new protocol and boy, I guess I got it. I'm also not on any BCP. Holy cow, this is awesome!! I will be retrieving (hopefully) before Thanksgiving, that's how quick this is. I start stims tonight (doing Menopur and Bravelle this time) and they are hoping I retrieve around 11/18 (I'm never as fast as they think I will be,so probably a few days later).

They are staying away from lupron this time because looking at my old cycles they said Lupron causes people to flare, which is fine for some (most?) people, but I would start off well and then basically get oversurpressed. So I will take ganirelix toward the end but that's it.

It seemed like the nurse was the one basically deciding how much medicine I should take, which was weird. We talked about it, and how I thought I should be on a more of a steady dose instead of the craziness my last RE did. She looked at my ovaries and said she thought that I might be have a very mild version of PCOS - which I've NEVER heard before. I don't think it's altogether true either. While I have irregular cycles I do ovulate (albeit later than most people) and I do get AF. I don't have any facial hair (I actually have really thin hair) though I do have cystic acne (even at 33 years old) and I am overweight. I don't know. If there's such a thing as having a *touch* of it, maybe I do. She thought I had the very real possibility of "exploding" (with a ton of eggs) from my U/S so she's starting me on a very low dosage of the menapur/bravelle combo. I go back on Friday to see how I do. It should be interesting since I'm not on lupron this time.

Fingers crossed, I'm very nervous. I really want to get above 1300 estrogen this time, I never have before.

L is away on business till tomorrow night so I have to give myself the injection today. I've never done it before (he always mixes it and everything so I'm very nervous! (I know, I'm so spoiled, but it's worked for us this whole time).


  1. Wow, that will be a fast cycle, I'm glad they were on board with what it sounds like you wanted to do.

  2. Good luck!!!

    I would assume she was just going off your ovaries, which can be cystic PCOS or not. You could have a mild case of polycystic ovaries and not PCOS itself, since you can have cysts without the syndrome (which is more of a combination of symptoms- and hormone testing would be more definitive to which it was since your LH:FSH ratio would be off if you had PCOS). However, you can have PCOS and ovulate, get AF, not have issues with excess hair, and a lot of the other typical symtpoms- there are varying levels of it, and different types of it even. I personally have a rather severe case of typical PCOS and run the whole gamut of symptoms. My step-sister's case is more mild, and it manifested itself differently.