Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dose Me

My new RE is more worthless than the first. I can't even imagine that it could be possibly true.

No one called me after my b/w this morning (that I checked on my online portal). I had left a message at 11:30am. I called at 4:10pm and they were CLOSED (WTF?) so I hit the "must talk to someone now" button. I got someone who had no effing clue about what was going on with my cycle and that it was perfectly normal. I'm no newbie at this and I wasn't taking that for answer. That whole "you're just starting so and we don't want you to overstimulate" is what every single person has told me thus far and I'm at 160 - nowhere close to overstimulation!!! I finally told them, "I'm not just starting - I'm on day 11 (actually 10) and I KNOW 160 is not a good number (for comparison, even my crappy cycle last time had me 1300 at this point). At which point the nurse on the phone got silent, and then said to me, "Well you can either continue on with meds, you can add another vial of Bravelle (What is she, making up shit as she goes? She didn't even know what day I was on!) or you can just cancel the cycle."

So fucking helpful. I actually hung up on her I was so pissed. Not professional in the slightest but I'm so beyond that point. I'm so desperate for one single thing in my life to go right. Just one. Why can no one understand that?

So I can either take nothing tonight or I'm just going to self dose myself, since they seem to be making up my dosages left and right now. What say you, experienced IVFers? Today on day 10 of stims my E2 was at 160, my follicles between 10-12, my P4 at 0.3 and my LH at 1.02. I'm on 150 iu of Bravelle and 75iu of Menopur (they did tell me to add another 75iu of Menopur but I know at this point it's not enough to do anything). I'm debating keeping the 150iu of Menopur and adding another 150 of Bravelle, to make it 300 iu Bravelle, 150 Menopur. I need to kick start this and at this point I'm not really concerned about ruining anything since in my opinion this cycle is ruined already.

Any suggestions?


  1. Sorry I can't help. I screwed up my own Clomid this month (how does that even happen?) and have never done IVF. I hope that you can figure this out and self medicate with success.

  2. That's RIDICULOUS. What is wrong with these people? Ugh. Obviously your dose is too low, I know I'd be tempted to self medicate (heck I did on my first injectable cycle since they refused to increase my meds by more than 37.5iu at a time!). I wish I knew what to tell you though, self medicating is a tough decision and obviously I'm not a doctor. I can see why you'd be considering it though. This is beyond ridiculous.

  3. OMG. What a pain - and beyond ridiculous. Can you demand to talk to the RE and discuss with him/her instead of the nurse? It really is unacceptable that they didn't even bother to call you.
    Thinking of you!

  4. Ugh, I can't beleive they are worse than the original RE-I am so sorry! I would demand to speak with the RE and demand to see some results, this is ridiculous-you deserve better. (Hugs) Hang in there=)