Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 7 of Stims

This cycle doesn't looking to be any better than the first two, at least on paper. I don't know the deal with my body.

No BCP, no lupron. After 4 nights of stims, my E2 was at 101 and I had two follies around 10-11mm, with a bunch of smaller ones. They kept my dosage the same (1 vial menapur, 1 vial bravelle) and added ganirelix (which I thought was a mistake) because I had two "sizeable" follies.

Today, after 7 nights of stims, the nurse (a different one) measured only 3 follies (even though I swear I saw more) between 11 and 14. My E2 was only 154. WTF?

My E2 never seems to go anywhere (see IVF #1 and IVF#2). My FSH is 3.3 so I don't understand it. I can't even blame lupron this time (clearly it always created a flare effect for me before). While I don't think I needed ganirelix yet, I think it also helps keep follies together in size so I don't know if I should have waited another day or so. It lowers your E2 a bit, but even if it was 200-300 today I would still think that's low.

Every single IVF cycle I have been told my doctors I have the potential to have so many eggs, yet it never ever happens. I have a great egg reserve and lots of follies but they keep things low and I never respond in the end. It just looks like potential every single time, but never reaches the potential.

I mean, I don't want OHSS so that's good in a way, but I'm tired of hearing the same thing. I spoke up today and say I've heard that I'm probably just a slow starter for 3 cycles now and they are worried it could get out of hand. but it's never gotten out of hand, so can they change things?

But the nurse said I just need to trust them. F that, all I've done is trust REs and look where I am today. I go back in on Weds. and even if I double I'll only be at 300 for 9 days of stim. Ridiculous!

What is responsible for low E2 levels on stims? Especially since I have a good FSH and a LH at 1.0 right now. I don't get it.


  1. Is the same doc as the first two or a new one? I don't know if you got a second opinion and I know it's hard to switch. If you have the heart to go through all of this again if this time doesn't work, it's definitely time to seek a second opinion.

    I really hope that you don't need that second opinion though.

  2. I don't understand it either :( I wish they'd change things up or listen to you, sorry that things aren't going like you'd hoped so far (*hugs*)