Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Sorry guys, I forgot to mention that this cycle is with a new RE. I did end up calling them yesterday after I got my levels and told them in no uncertain terms that this has happened before. They still wanted me to trust them but they also said they can raise the dosage each time I come slowly and they don't want to jump from 0 to 60 and raise my dosage by too much, which I understand. That's what my last RE did and that cycle was nuts. Still, I don't play the trust game anymore.

I'm worried about getting cancelled. I've heard if your E2 is too low, they will do that, but my follicles do appear to be growing, so we'll see. I had a nightmare last night that I went in for another check and my E2 was only at 243. If it's not at least 300 tomorrow I don't know what will happen (and if it does make it to 300 tomorrow I'm still going to be bummed with how low it is).

Still, I did my two bottles of Bravelle and 1 of menopur and am hoping it did something.

Nothing on the adoption front. It's been almost a month since we've been homestudy approved but we haven't heard anything. I know that's not that much time but every day kills me.

And I just learned that a friend of ours (practically the last one) is pregnant. And L knew about it for about a month now and didn't say anything. I seem to remember writing this all before about someone else. Did he not learn the first time from how upset I was? I'm ready to rip him a new one.


  1. I'm so sorry things are not going as you hoped for this cycle. Hopefully your E2 will come up nicely tomorrow!
    Hang in there, we are all pulling for you!!

  2. Sorry he didn't tell you :( My husband did that once, and it was hard. (*hugs*)

    Hoping your E2 rises! Continuing to send positive thoughts your way.