Monday, April 30, 2012

And then there was silence...

I've sent two emails to the surrogacy department at the Boston hospital since Friday (one Friday, one last night) and no response yet. I know it hasn't been that long, but I'm already kind of like, "WTF?"

In both emails I sent over various records they had requested and in my last one asked if we could get this show started now as soon as Gabby comes back.

Previously, my emails had been answered almost immediately. so even this short wait is making me anxious. Ugh.

One good piece of news to come back was hearing from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute on Friday that my cancer genetic screening came back negative for BRCA 1/2. So that is one less thing we'll need to look for - in fact I think we just need to do the more general PGS (screening) now instead of PGD (diagnosis) as both my heart defect can back negative for genetic and now the cancer genes.

L's hasn't come back yet because his insurance is giving them a tough time (insurance apparently doesn't care as much about if you have the cancer gene if you're a guy). They told us they wrote up additional justification for the insurance but if they don't cover it we have to decide whether to pay for it out of pocket or not. We're leaning towards no. Since I don't have it we don't have to worry about us both contributing a BRCA 1/2 gene to any embryo (one more reason for our miscarriages we can throw out). It would be nice to know, but it's not that big a deal. We can always get any daughter of ours tested in the future.

After the excitement of last week, there's such a lull now. Gabby's in Mexico, and I'm twiddling my thumbs hoping this starts soon so we can fit it in before our vacation in June.

Haven't heard anything from the adoption agency lately.

I cried last night. I'm still really sad/upset today. Nothing has happened to make me, but I just feel really really sad. I just want this cycle over with, I want Gabby pregnant, I want to be off this roller coaster.

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  1. Nothing ever really has to happen for the emotions to hit though, does it? Having so much riding on all of this, it would be weird if you didn't have a lot of ups and downs. I hope you hear something back today. Not hearing anything is so frustrating.