Friday, April 6, 2012


Well, we didn't get picked for that profiling opportunity, but the birth mom did end up picking another family, so I guess I was totally wrong about that! It was really weird. On Tuesday, my agency advocate called and left a message saying she had made a decision and to please call her back because she also had another profiling opportunity.

Ok, so since there's another opportunity, obviously, we weren't picked for the other one. Is there any reason you just can't come out and say that on my VM? And by the time I got the message it was 5:30pm so I couldn't call right away and find out. Ugh, I hate that.

When I called the next morning sure enough, we hadn't been picked. The new profiling opportunity didn't sound as good either. First, the birth mom was in Arizona, and she was due Apr. 14th. It was basically a meth/heroin baby, even though the mother swears she got off it as soon as she found out she was pregnant at 4 months. Ok, there's a reason why there are methadone clinics, because you can't just quit that stuff cold turkey, so I really didn't believe it. She also hadn't had any pre-natal care, so I didn't think she was really taking care of this baby the whole time. But we said we would like to be profiled because hey, you never know.

One day later, yesterday, we get a call saying the birth mom had picked someone else. Whoa, that was really fast. I mean, 1 day to receive our profile (and undoubtedly others) and we're in NY and she's in AZ? I don't think she put much thought into it then. But I think it's probably for the best since we weren't really sure if we were ready for that anyway.

So two profilings in less than a week, and now we're back to zero.

We're almost ready to go surrogacy-wise. We're in agreement on the contract now, so we just need to get it signed and we're good to go. Gabby's been doing her pre-screening and is on BC and getting her hysteroscopy done next week or the week after I think. I've run the cycle through my insurance (finally got that taken care of!) and though we still owe some money after insurance, it's less than it otherwise would be, which is good. We just need to go through the psychological screening and we're set to go!

I got in contact with Boston doctor to let her know because I'm a little more than midway through my BCP pack and she had previously said she didn't want me on it longer than a month, so hoping she can work some magic to get everything done so we can start soon. Gabby is now going on vacation the last week in April (so a week earlier than I thought) which could be good (getting started sooner) or bad (not getting all the prescreening stuff done ahead of time....but we're definitely almost ready to start!

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  1. Sorry that the birth mother's picked someone else. That's hard.

    Hoping the surrogacy timeline goes well and things get going without a hitch!