Monday, April 2, 2012

Hubby's Birthday Trip

L and I had such a great weekend in Burlington VT! L's birthday was last week and he doesn't like making a big deal out of it. I on the other hand LOVE celebrating my birthday (or did until infertility put a damper on it with each year passing me by and no baby) and would love to celebrate my day, my week, heck my month if I could :)

So I, of course, had to make a big deal out of it. It was birthday 33 - so not a "big" number or anything, but still. L loves craft breweries, and Vermont has a brewery passport where if you get a certain number of them stamped you can mail in your passport and get little tchotchkes. While we couldn't go to all of them, I devised a plan to go to a number so he could at least get a can opener magnet or something (we came very close to getting enough for a t-shirt, but not quite there!)

So I made a 40 page packet for him telling him what was planned (because I refused to tell him anything about what we were doing or where we were going) and handed it to him when we were just about at the VT border. It was great. I put it in a big manila envelope and included other regular envelopes in there that he had to open according to the directions in the packet. So, to tell him where we were going for lunch, he had to open Envelope D, which was a menu to Das Bierhaus, a really great (it turned out) german bier garden with lots of german beers.

I haven't seen my husband this happy in a long time- and that made me SO happy. At the bierhaus he was looking at the beer menu and exclaiming that he hadn't had some of these beers since he was in Germany about 10 years ago, so he was thrilled. then we went to a bunch of breweries where he bought pint glasses from each one as a souvenir. We went to a tea house (a far east one, not a prissy english one :) and drank some great tea and then a farmhouse restaurant where all the meals were made from locally grown foods. We also did one little thing for me - the Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory nearby! Always wanted to do that! It was a lot of fun.

Now we're back to the daily grind and the stress that often runs our lives.
I still haven't heard back from my surrogate agency regarding what's going on with our insurance coverage in this cycle, nor whether Gabby has signed the contract yet. The last email I had from her she was asking me what I thought about it - that it was so scary - because it contemplates all sorts of crazy things that could happen (intrauterine surgery for the baby, for example) so she was a bit freaked out. Totally understandable. She was supposed to start her prescreening at the hospital today, so I hope she did and that it will go smoothly.

We've heard nothing on that adoption we got profiled for. She was supposedly due last Thursday. I suppose there's a chance she hasn't yet given birth, but my guess is she changed her mind altogether. I'll wait another week before calling my agency again.

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