Saturday, April 21, 2012


Blogspot just did some new update and now I can't seem to sign in. So this is a just a TEST post while I try to figure it out so I can participate in ICLW!
P.S. - I keep leaving comments and they keep disappearing. I'm really annoyed about this update. Are they just in a queue waiting for the blog owner to approve or are they disappearing? If you see 14 bazillion comments from me on your blog, that is because I didn't know if it was working or disappearing!
P.P.S. - I'm beginning to think they just need to be approved by the blog owner. OMG how embarrassing! I literally tried to repost a comment on one blog about 20 times. Just wait till she finds them! :) Blogs I've posted comments at today - my apologies if you have eleventy million from me!
4) (definitely the one I hit "post" to a billion times)


  1. That sure is annoying. :/ But, I can read YOUR post without any problem! I'm glad to be following you for ICLW!

  2. Ha! I've been there, Ducky. Sometimes you get the "pending approval" message, sometimes nothing, sometimes the post just disappears. Hard to say...Also, hi! I'm here from ICLW.