Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's Getting Exciting

Things are starting to heat up surrogacy-wise! The Boston hospital certainly jumped on the ball once I paid for the cycle. I got eleventy billion calls from them yesterday trying to schedule appointments. It will mean a few days away from the office here and there to get everything done but then we'll be on our way!

I did not realize that the nuva ring was the same as BCP for IVF purposes! Haha, I feel so 1990s. Gabby has been on it since her IUD was taken out so I was afraid she was going to have to finish a cycle with that and THEN go on BCP for us to start lining up our cycles but it turns out we're already synching up - yay! The week of the 23rd she is doing the psych screening, social worker, hysteroscopy and whatever else needs to be done. L and I are going in for the joint social worker meeting with Gabby and her husband and also doing the IVF "class" (so stupid since we've already done 3 IVF cycles, but I think it will just be a quick and personal refresher), and any b/w we need to do and then we will be ready to go!

Still haven't heard about a protocol, but I finally got a retrieval report sent to me from my local RE for the last cycle I had so I will send it to the doctor and get her thinking about it. Just realized I have no idea what's going on med-wise, but I'm trying not to worry about it. You know what an OCD worrier I am!

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