Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Countdown is On!

Random question as I watch a commercial for the movie Dark Shadows: Does Tim Burton do any movie without Johnny Depp?

Got a call re: my surgical consult for the gallbladder. It's not scheduled until May 8th, proving to me it's not all that important. Yay! If it can be done, I think I'm going to schedule surgery for late May/early June right after retrieval so I can just be laid up the whole week.

Just in case, I emailed Holly to ask her if anything related to my gallbladder could affect egg quality in our upcoming cycle. She said nope but just to keep an eye on the pain and go to the doctor if there's any bad pain. I can do that!

Gabby went for her psych appt. at the Boston hospital on Monday and texted me afterwards to let me know it was done. They made her take one of those personality quizzes, which makes me giggle. I think I took one once (but can't remember what for) and I think it would be really easy to say all the right things on them. But I'm guessing since I didn't hear anything from the hospital she passed with flying colors!

Next we head to Boston on Thursday to have our joint (all 4 of us) social worker meeting and Gabby is having her hysteroscopy. I just emailed her to ask if they wanted to have dinner and she's up for it! This will be only the second time we've seen each other so I'm excited. As she wrote to me, "only one more day!" After Thursday we should be ready to start! Of course, she's going on vacation on Sunday for a week so they may make us wait till she gets back, but everything will be ready to go. I can't believe it's finally here!

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In case you're wondering why I keep listing them, it's because many of them don't seem to be showing my comments after I've attempted to click "send." I keep hoping some of these ladies will let me know if indeed they've received comments from me or if I have a broken account somewhere - so please do if you see this!!


  1. Ok... I'm so sad to say I don't see your comment on our blog. :( It would say "Ducky," right?
    Also, glad that you don't have to have surgery right away! Whew!

  2. I got your comment :) AND PEI is on my travel bucket list. I'd like to find a cruise that goes there. Sorry to hear about all of your struggles. Glad I've found you!
    ICLW #52

  3. I'm sorry about the gallstones. :-( Everything happens at once, doesn't it? Your surrogacy story is so interesting to me. It's not something that's really on our radar right now, but I know it's out there as a possibility. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing it, since I haven't said it before!