Wednesday, January 2, 2013


It's the year of my babies' birth! (God willing of course).  Gabby is home "safe" in MA again - she sent me a text yesterday that she was one hour away from safety when they were on their way back which made me laugh.

The pre-birth order/parentage petition has STILL not been heard in court yet, and I'm beginning to worry. Past 31 weeks with twins...if they are born before that order is in place I will be furious with our attorneys. They said they will be going to the courthouse first thing Monday morning if they don't hear back sooner.

I copied Gabby on the email to ask her to please not give birth before it's in place. Her response:

Haha, you're not the only one wishing this! Getting huge.... (other things)...

Happ to be in the year of your babies (and thankful they held on until 2013 at least!). [Gabby's au pair]'s boyfriend comes to NYC on Thursday so she's going to be on/off vacation over the next 2.5 weeks, lets hope the babies don't come until February! :)

Good night. Happy 2013, so glad we had a wonderful 2012 and will forever be a part of each other's lives! You guys are amazing people and are already amazing parents. Can't wait to see your beautiful shining baby girls in real life!


Times like these make me think she really does like me and make me feel like a fool for being so insecure. But at other times I wonder.

We really need to think about getting her a big gift for when the babies come. Any ideas? She is getting paid for this, and I am already worried about having to pay for her maternity leave and C-section fee just as I go on maternity leave and won't be getting paid at all. Originally I was going to get her and her husband a weekend away to Stowe VT and pay for everything...but it got to be too pricey (like ~$1000). And then I was thinking of a Pandora bracelet with a bunch of charms to represent both her kids and mine, but I don't know if she likes jewelry. And there would be lots of purple in there and her favorite colors are turquoise and orange! So that is questionable.

Yet I want it to be meaningful as well. If anyone has any ideas - sentimental or anything, please suggest them! I'm definitely struggling.


  1. Happy to hear that Gabby is back safe and sound! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  2. Aw. Her email made me tear up. Could you get her a spa weekend at a fancy place in her hometown? Or even a spa day? I would think that would be cheaper than a weekend in VT, but maybe it's because I know nothing about spas. Does she like wine? I like to give people wine of the month club gifts for X months, and if I were a surrogate (haha, anyone want to rent a messed up uterus?) I would be extra excited for some wine after everything was done. Neither of those are really meaningful, I suppose, but I'm awful at coming up with meaningful stuff.

    Total side note, but did you know they have Soft Kitty onsies? My husband bought us one. Since you like big bang theory I thought you might be interested.

  3. I just wanted to tell you I have read all your blog posts, from the beginning, just in this past week. I have never been through surrogacy, though I did lose my first son at 23w after a premature birth. We live in Maine and have one child through adoption (he came home to us when he was 3 from India), one biological child (2.5 years old) and another on the way.

    I am a neurotic mess, and have been most of my life, but I tell you, children change you. Its hard work, but boy, everything you have been through makes you a survivor and will help you appreciate your girls that much more. I am so incredibly thankful for my children, and they have made me a much happier, more centered woman. I miss my first born every day of my life, and that will never change, but the joy you will have when your daughters are born is indescribable.

    Hang in there. Yours is not an easy road, and its totally understandable to have the fears and anxiety. But the closer you get , the better it will be, and in a few short weeks...they will be home!

  4. Can't believe it's already so close! I hope the petition gets heard/and filed in court before your girls arrive!