Sunday, January 6, 2013

Trucking Along

I am in the midst of a full-blown chest cold, wet cough (head is fine) that is making me feel like I have bronchitis or something. No fun, and I really hope I can get this constant sickness under control before the babies come! I got the flu shot in October and the TDAP (tetanus, whooping cough, pneumonia) vaccine in December...and I just keep getting colds!

We are at 32 weeks today, and continue to check things off the list. Shower stuff, done. RSVPs were due Wednesday, and we tracked down the stragglers who didn't do it on time (seriously, this happened for my wedding too. What is so difficult about RSVPing?). It wouldn't have been such a big deal, except that we have to give meal choices to the restaurant ahead of time, so if someone didn't RSVP we couldn't just assume they weren't coming. And it turned out 90% of the people who didn't RSVP were planning to come after all. I wonder what they thought the invite with RSVP date and card with luncheon choices were for? Decoration? LOL.

So my parents came up yesterday (3 times in three months, that is a record for them because they always tell us we lived soooo far away - 2.5 hours) and we finalized things with the restaurant. Picked table linens, a cake, table set up. It was like my wedding all over again but much more low key. Kinda fun!

After my parents left for the day we headed out to Lowe's (AGAIN) to pick up more stuff for finishing the nursery. Baseboard, sandpaper, wood filler, felt pads for the bottom of the furniture on the newly laid floors. Then later that night, I started sanding the cribs to prep for priming and painting.

Whose idea was this anyway? To buy all this unfinished furniture? Oh yea, mine. I am starting to regret it. It might have been after the billionth (or so it felt) spindle I was sanding on the crib (only the first one! I have another crib to go!) but I was like, "Ugh, why didn't we just buy normal people's nursery furniture?" The Sniglar crib came unfinished, but sealed, so L tells me it won't soak up paint like normal, so we have to sand it first. I have seen pictures on the internet of painted Sniglar cribs so I am wondering just how true that is. Because you know everything on the Internet is true! :)

So today I will start priming, and maybe one day it will be finished! Our crib mattresses that my mom recently bought us arrived on Thursday and they seem huge to me! I think I forgot how big the cribs really are. They're sitting in our foyer still in their boxes and will continue to until the cribs are ready - so that gives me added incentive to get it done.

Presents are ordered for Gabby and family. The engraving section on the iPad mini was way too small for any good quote (boo! how disappointing) so we ended up with some very short "Thank you for the joy you've given us. Love, Ducky and L" - not as much fun.

And finally, Gabby had another U/S on Thursday I forgot to write about. Everything still seems unchanged, but still ok. Unchanged is good at this point. Baby M is still measuring 6th percentile, unchanged from last week, but at least it didn't go down further. Baby M's fluid is still low normal, same as last week, but the MFM checked it and said she had a good amount surrounding her and it was ok. They didn't really check much on Baby N measurement wise but said everything looked good, and her fluid was fine. They did dopplers again on both placentas and said everything looked perfect, which to me is the most important part. Gabby's cervix is still long and closed and MFM made no mention of bed rest - awesome. The later we can put that off, the better! So she'll have another u/s this week and we'll see how it's going. We didn't get weights last week but since the smaller baby, Baby M, was at 2lbs14oz the week before, I'm going to presume she was over 3lbs this week. So things to me are looking pretty good as of now. I'm really glad Gabby is going weekly now though. I feel better that anything important won't be missed.


  1. Hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy your shower!!

  2. You really are truckin along! 32 weeks! Holy Smokes!

  3. Everyone I know is sick right now. Me too-it is such a bummer. But it's almost baby time for you!

  4. 32 weeks!!! Exciting stuff. Hey can you email me? I have some questions about surrogacy if you don't mind. Kaybees522 at gmail dot com