Friday, January 18, 2013

Let's Get This Party Started

Let the "Shower Weekend" commence!! When I get home tonight, one girl friend will already be there and three others will be arriving soon after to decorate cookies for tomorrow! One of them made the cookies last night and it will be an awesome night of bonding, sending L out for pizza for us and having so much fun!

Then tomorrow is the shower! I have been looking forward to this for so long I am SOOOOO excited! I hope the games aren't too cheesy and there's enough presents to open. We have about 30 people coming but it seems like a bunch of them have mailed the presents to me ahead of time. I've only heard of doing that when you're NOT coming. I am so excited to see so many people and put out the card we made! It looks great!

On the front of it is Gabby's picture - and it says Meet Our Gestational Carrier (First Name!) Inside is basic information, her age, occupation, husband's and kid's names, and why she wanted to be a GC and why her husband thought she'd make a great GC. Then on the other side is a little bit about gestational surrogacy and a blurb about our journey. That was really hard for me to write about so I ended up doing this instead.

6 losses
+ 5 adoption profilings
+ 4 years of struggle
+ 3 IVFs
+ 2 open heart surgeries
+ 1 gestational carrier

= Our happy ending!

I would venture to say most of the people going to my shower don't know half of what we've been through, so I was a little reluctant this would be TMI. Then I thought, whatever, it's MY journey and I want them to know. And I'll admit a little part of me wanted MIL to see this because she simply does not understand why we "can't get over" baby-related things (this was before Gabby).

Of course, now that I printed this out for the tables, I realize the "formula" is pretty wrong - I totally left out an IVF! (how the hell do you forget one of those?) Plus 3 IUIs, but L was squeamish about me putting that in there. He didn't mind IVF though. And it's been longer than 4 years too. Oh well, it didn't fit the countdown thing I tried to have. The card looks pretty good and I'm so grateful for the suggestion!! I forwarded it to Gabby and she loved it and forwarded it to her family.

There was also an u/s yesterday, but no measurements were taken. They did biophysical profiles though and both girls were 8/8! And best of all - BOTH were head down!! Gabby was so shocked she couldn't believe it. She thought the tech was a trainee and that he might have made a mistake, but I told her that even a trainee should know the difference between head and feet at least! :) I think she's geared herself up for a c-section, which is probably the smart thing to do but now she might be able to give birth vaginally. They say Baby M is not likely to turn again, but Baby N may still as she has more room. If she turns breech again then Gabby will just get a c-section because she doesn't want to take the chance of there being an issue halfway through and having an emergency c-section, but if not...they might induce 2/12 now, when the MFM is there! Since Baby N is the bigger baby, it'll all depend on her. I'm kind of hoping since she's the bigger baby the big ol' head will weight her in the right direction.

The Sunday we're heading over to MA to visit Gabby and the family! We were going last weekend but she had the flu and we were both with bad colds so this works out better (and we have off Monday). Can't wait to see her.

What a great weekend!


  1. Can't wait to hear how the shower went, and I think the countdown/background is a great idea!

  2. Your shower sounds like it will be amazing. The cards sound great! Maybe I missed it, but is there a reason you're kind of wishing for a c-section? If they get to be born vaginally they get fluid squished out of their lungs nicely.

    1. Oh no, I'm totally not wishing for a c-section. In fact, as long as the girls will be healthy, I HOPE they go vaginally, because we have to pay more if she gets a c-section, plus pay for a longer maternity leave. haha, I'm being a little selfish - above all I want whatever will have the best outcome for them! Sorry, I didn't realize I gave that impression!

    2. LOL. Gotcha. It sounds like Gabby is doing great for your babies and will do whatever it takes to get them to you safely. I'm so glad everything keeps moving along well with their health and readiness for being born. Enjoy your shower and bask in the love and gifts!

  3. Honey have a WONDERFUL shower!! enjoy every second you deserve to be pampered and spoiled rotten! wll done on the card and summing up your journey like that. I bet most people would not realise just how much tough stuff you have been through. have fun! looking forward to photos?! x

  4. I am beyond excited for you! Enjoy every moment of this special weekend!

  5. Yay! Have a GREAT and FUN weekend! I'm so excited for you and your shower! I think what you did with the sign will be PERFECT! I think it's good to let people know what you've been through. I try to do all I can to help with the ignorance. :) And thanks for all the sweet things you say about the buddy! It's fun to have friends we've met through the "blogosphere." :-)

  6. Congratulations!! So exciting! It's been a long journey, enjoy every second of it!

  7. Can't wait to hear about it! You deserve a great shower!

  8. Have fun! I hope everything goes well! Can't wait to hear how everything goes.

  9. I am so excited for you!!! You better post a crap ton of pictures!!!! I'm so excited. Ok I'm done. LOL

  10. I hope you had an absolutely wonderful shower. I love the idea of the card to let everyone know what you have been through.

    ICLW #8 Dragondreamer's Lair

  11. Hi from ICLW. Hoping that both stay head down.