Thursday, April 7, 2011


Well, the jury's still out on whether I'm having any very occasional cramping (it's certainly not as much as last month), but today the bloat came on with a vengeance. At least I finally have something to show for having ET done. Until now I've barely felt like I'd done IVF...the bloating I had from stims went down right after trigger and hadn't come back after transfer, unlike last cycle. I don't know why I WANT bloat, really, I just want some sort of symptom - anything!

No crazy dreams last night. I'm actually having a really tough time sleeping. I'm too warm (likely due to progesterone suppositories, which I take right before bed) and uncomfortable at night.

I'm just trying to keep track of my "symptoms" this month in an effort to know how full of crap (or how right) they were in the future.

Lovenox shots are getting easier. They go in easy (Bravelle hurt much more) but there's a delayed reaction and then a BUUURN. Ouch. But it's getting better. I will be polka dotted soon though because each prick causes a small bruise.

I got my P4 and E2 tested today like I asked for! E2 was 142 and P4 was 17.6. Both are ok numbers, I think. The RE said I didn't need to come back again before beta. I don't know about the E2, but I've read P4 should be above 15 for medicated cycles. Considering I'm on both suppositories AND pills, I'm surprised it's "only" 17.6, not too much above the minimum. This supports my theory I didn't have enough last month.

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  1. Good luck on your symptom watch! I wouldn't be concerned about your P4 level. The suppositories only act locally so won't show up on your blood work. The pills should help raise it a bit more, but I'm no expert on those.

    I hope this is your cycle!