Sunday, March 4, 2012


Ok, so CD 43 came and went. BFN on a digital HPT and no longer feel like AF is about to come. But I am coming down with some cold or flu or something. I feel terrible :/

And now it is CD 44 and nothing. Maybe that really was a late O (we did not DTD) and I'm in the LT phase now? At what point do I go to the RE and ask for provera or whatever that med is to bring on AF?

Man, this has never happened before.


  1. I would call your re asap. No use waiting around..get that provera stat. So sorry you are feeling like garbage.

  2. Super frustrating. What are your temps doing? I'd wait a little longer just to see.

  3. I would call now and go in for a blood draw if nothing has happened. Then if you aren't pregnant and aren't in your TWW, they might go ahead and give you the provera.