Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Ok, so WTF? Today is CD 60. SIXTY. Sesenta. No period. I was feeling crampy and PMSy a few days ago and still nothing. 11 days ago I had my P4 checked and it indicated I'd already ovulated and I was sure I hadn't just ovulated the day before, so AF should definitely be here by now. At this point, it's going to affect our upcoming cycle if this keeps up.

Surrogacy agreement has gone over to the other attorney. Our attorney checked on Gabby's insurance for us. I mean, they had of course checked it out before but she wanted to give me specifics.

There is a $100 annual deductible for all insurance services and then there's a $300 co-payment for inpatient stay when she gives birth. Otherwise, her coverage is 100%.

How freaking awesome is that???

I need to call up the adoption agency soon just to check in but I'm dreading it a bit. Obviously there's nothing new over there since I haven't heard anything. I also want to ask them for a "receipt" for all our expenses in 2011 so we have it when we go to file taxes next year.

This year (tax year 2012) is the last year that the adoption credit/deduction (I don't remember which one it is, but it's whatever one gives you more money) is over $12K. I believe last year it was $13K. The healthcare reform act (I refuse to call it "Obamacare") put back the deduction/credit for this year, but next year it drops back to $5k (maybe $6k) unless they change it, which they haven't done so far.

The way adoption stuff and taxes work is generally, this - if you haven't finalized your adoption, you can take a partial credit (for whatever adoption expenses you have paid - in our case, application fees and homestudy fees) in the tax year AFTER you paid those fees. Since we paid those fees in 2011, we can take credit in tax year 2012 (which gets filed NEXT April). If you finalize in a given year, you can take the credit in that year.

Obviously the way we are going we'll be lucky to get a placement in 2012, so forget about finalizing. If we finalize in 2013, there will be only $5K we can get back...boo :( So I definitely want to file for partial credit next year for whatever we can get. I think we spent between $3-$5K last year on adoption stuff. Hopefully then in 2013 we can get the $5K when we finalize, which is better than nothing. I'm not positive if $5k is the most we can back total, so we'll definitely be going to a tax attorney that year.

I am a bit annoyed we're going to miss out on the adoption credit/deduction by only a year or so. But then today I got a fundraising letter from my law school alma mater and learned that tuition has been raised from $6k when I went there in early 2000s to nearly $30K now. Holy smokes. So that timing at least worked out for me there. Win some, lose some.


  1. uh, 60 day cycle, what is going on?

    Sucks about the tax credit too.

    However, 100% insurance coverage is fantastic!

  2. I have to believe that the tax credit will again be extended. It will be devestating to adoptions if it isn't. Totally sucks about your cycle length - just ugh. That insurance coverage, though, wow!!!


  3. crazy how much tuition has gone up eh? I got my first degree in 2000 and went back in 2008 only to discover that tuition had inflated! I want to go back for my Masters but the tuition combined with TTC may not be possible now.

    I feel your pain on the long cycle. I had a cycle that nearly hit 90 days last summer... way worse than that horrible two-week-wait ever was! I hope that AF comes soon for you.

    ICLW #24