Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Our one and only profiling opportunity came back as rejected today. Sigh...I really don't mind a rejection, per se, since it was our first one and who gets lucky on their first try? It just stinks that this has been our only opportunity since October 31, and we've been waiting to hear since mid-January.

I think the birth mom is a great person though. Been taking great care of herself since the beginning, wants a close relationship with the adoptive family, and was so careful she gave medical information down to her grandmother's sister so the adoptive family would be aware of everything possible. That is wonderful. This baby boy will be very loved.

I just wish we were being considered for someone else.

On another front, my RE appt. is scheduled for Friday. I figure that gives my body a few more days to tell me what's going on. I'm on CD 46 and still nothing...by Friday it will be CD 49 - totally ridiculous. I don't think I will test again though - at this point it's not biologically possible to be pregnant any more!

PGS appointment in Boston on Thursday. Looking forward to having the day off from work - isn't that sad that I'm looking forward to driving 6+ hours for a doctor's appointment for the day off?

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  1. We were also "rejected" on our first profile opportunity. We weren't even sure if it was going to be the right match for us, but it still stung so much. We've gone months since then with only one situation since. I am thinking of you. Hoping that your RE appt goes well and you are able to get some answers.