Friday, March 23, 2012


AF is here and I'm delighted. Those words do not cross my lips too often.

Now onto the next struggle. It seems like there's always a next struggle.

The gestational surrogacy program at the hospital in Boston we're using has had our surrogate's chart for over a month. I finally lit a fire under our agency to find out what's going on and they said they've been contacting the hospital twice a week and haven't heard anything, so they gave me the hospital number to call. The person I spoke with said she never heard of me.

Terrific, right?

We have all sorts of prescreening appointments to do before we start our cycle. And Gabby is going on vacation first week of May. And I'm going on vacation third week of June. Originally we thought we'd be started on the cycle before Gabby goes on vacation and do retrieval and transfer right after she gets back but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. I'm getting nervous. My IVF cycles always take longer than normal so I just pray this is done before my vacation AND I don't get OHSS this time. That was pretty miserable.

I just wish people would do their damn jobs. I feel like I run about trying to get everything everyone needs and no one calls me back, responds to my emails, does what they're supposed to do! I'm not asking anyone to go above and beyond, you know? Just do what they're getting paid for.

On top of this my HOA is being stupid about us setting up a small satellite dish. I'm just frustrated with people today.

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